The Fracked Story

FrackedThe history of fracked - A Short film to Kill the Fracking Monster.

Written by Antony Stone and Toni East

Story by Antony Stone


About 10 years ago around 2009, Antony accompanied his brother David to film an instillation his brother was doing of a renewable energy system. The system was to be installed at Jonathan Deals, farm, Geco Rock which is in the Karoo. The instillation took several day and in the evening down time around the Kalahari TV (the camp fire) Jonathon, a keen anti-fracking activist explained what fracking is. Antony could not believe what he was hearing.

Shortly after returning to Cape Town, Antony, appalled at the fracking process and it's dire consequences began on writing the first draft of Frack with Toni East. Using all his knowledge gained over years in the film business, after a short while the first draft was out and Antony began the hunt for finance to help make the film. Several years and several drafts later, Antony gained the interest of his friend and college, Samantha Putter, a film and TV producer who also saw the importance of telling this story. A truly remarkable person who was instrumental in the making of the film.

A few more years went by and as luck would have a space in both their busy schedules coincided and preproduction was born.

Antony had raised what he thought was enough to make the film. It's never enough in the film business but it was time and he was going to do what ever it took to make this film and fight this fight. So together with the idea that his friends and peers in the film business would help this most worthy of causes by making the film they sought about finding crew, gear, locations and cast. It became apparent to Antony and Sam very quickly that people wanted to help. People were providing with a platform for to get involved in the most important fight of their lives. The fight against fracking.

Armed with top shelf crew, headed up by director of photography, Giulio Biccari and the best equipment around supplied by Media film services, they all embarked on this mission to kill the fracking monster together.

Antony drove out to Prince Albert in search of a backdrop to the story. Seemed fitting to shoot the film in the location zoned for fracking. After a short stay and several conversations with the town locals, Antony received a phone call from Karel De Haas and his amazing wife Heleen; locals who owned a farm just up the drag. Karel explained that he'd heard of Antony's story and would gift the use of his farm if it fit the story. Antony, overwhelmed by this generosity drove out to the farm and to his amazement, found it a perfect backdrop for the film.

Next came casting and to the rescue came Monique Murray Du Plessis from Kayos Casting Agency. Her relentless search and enthusiasm found the cast required to play the characters in the film.

Production was born.

After filming was completed Antony encountered several issues with the editing process and after several month decided to edit the film himself. He down loaded final cut pro off the internet. Watched all the tutorials he could lay his hands on and embarked on cutting the film. Remarkably, two weeks later the first assembly was completed.

After some tweaking, changing cutting and killing some darlings (for those of you that have not heard this term before, it's when some beautiful shots and scenes are discarded for the sake of completing the film according to it's output specifications. As the first assembly was 42 minutes and the final chosen output duration was 26 minutes, sadly some darlings needed to be killed.)

Next to join the fracked family; March Bloch, the most remarkable person who keeps on giving and giving. His post production facility, Blackginger provided all the post requirements of the film. Grading, VFX and online editing.

Once this stage was completed at Blackginger then the film went to Tim Pringle, at Originalaudio for final sound mix and to Jean-Pierre Steyn for the score.

... and just like that, 10 years since conception, the film was complete.

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